Saturday, October 21, 2017

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A Bermudaful Christmas - Compilation

A Bermudaful Christmas - Compilation - Christmas Bermuda Style:  Various Bermudian Artists

Bio: Darryl Simons, Derrick Simmons and Kelvin Broughton joined forces to produce "A Bermudaful Christmas", the island's second Christmas compilation after a decade and the first of the new millennium.

Set against traditional Christmas fair, arranged Bermudian gospel style and infused with original tracks, this Christmas album is one for your collection.

The track "Merry Christmas" gives way to the influences of Parliament Funkadelic mixed with a soulful gospel undertone, while the original "All I Want for Christmas" is a straight up pop-funk-r&b treatment with a nice mellow dance feel. 

Darryl Simons gives us a Larry Graham-like treatment of "The Christmas Song", sure to make those mellow moments of Christmas come alive.  Shelia Smith, Irma Burrows, Yevette Wilson, John Duncan, Clive Francis and Shannon Carey supply enchanting and tight background vocals against the musicianship of producer Kelvin Broughton and Israel Embry.

Jackie Simons: Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals, Songwriter

Darryl Simons: Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals, Co-Vocal Arranger, Songwriter, Producer, Keyboards, Engineer, Executive Producer

John Duncan: Backup Vocals

Shelia Smith: Lead and Background vocals

Sia Spence: Lead and Background vocals

Clive Francis: Lead and Background vocals

Irma Burrows, Yevette Wilson, Shannon Carey: Background vocals

Derrick Simmons: Drum Programming, guitar, engineer

Kelvin Broughton: Musical Arrangements, Vocal Arrangements, Keyboards, Sequential Programming, Engineer, Producer

Israel Embry: Musical Arrangements, Instruments

Tres Gilbert: Bass

Clifford Smith: Bass

David Haynes: Drums

Engineers:  Derrick Simmons, Darryl Simons, Kelvin Broughton

Track Highlights: Do You Hear?, All I Want For Christmas, The Christmas Song, Merry Christmas