Saturday, October 21, 2017

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JDJ - Just Doin' Jesus ( aka Jackie - Darryl - John) is the group behind In Due Season:

Bio: Jackie, Darryl and John teamed up to produce In Due Season, a fresh gospel treatment of the Bermudian church music experience; a traditional, yet funky package of the gospel oriented genre, complete with choir arrangements, hot tracks and targeted for the radio airplay format.  As gospel music goes, this genre is one of the top world wide genres for digital downloads, and it's influence is crossing over into other musical genres, such as R&B, Country and Pop, and this treatment should do well.  This talented team of Bermudian recording artists have successfully incorporated hints of other genres, like Sly and Family Stone's underground slow funk in the track, "Everyday I Wanna Say Thank You", or, a taste of Hip Hop in the track "I've Come to Give you Praise".  This album will bring satisfaction to both gospel and R&B fans alike.

Jackie Simons: Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals, Co-Vocal Arranger, Songwriter, Assistant Engineer, Executive Producer

Darryl Simons: Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals, Co-Vocal Arranger, Songwriter, Producer, Keyboards, Engineer, Executive Producer

John Duncan: Lead Vocals, Backup Vocals, Co-Vocal Arranger, Songwriter, Executive Producer

Derrick Simmons: Drum Programming, guitar, engineer

Kelvin Broughton: Musical Arrangements, Vocal Arrangements, Keyboards, Sequential Programming, Engineer

Israel Embry: Musical Arrangements, Bass

Tres Gilbert: Bass

Sidney Simmons: Bass

Jeff Smith: Bass

David Haynes: Drums

Assistant Engineers: Clive Francis, Jahkeem Watson, Michelle Doars

Engineers:  Derrick Simmons, Darryl Simons, Kelvin Broughton

Track Highlights: He's An On time God, I've Come To Give You Praise, Everyday I Wanna Say Thank You